Make a difference together

On this blog, you will find posts, news, videos and other interesting or newsworthy web content related to sustainability and its links to development, collective action, and the social web. I have been sharing links through email, on Google Reader, Twitter, Delicious and several other services for a while now (and will continue), but felt that I needed one place that brings all these bits and pieces together. Who knows, it might turn out to form a coherent picture.

Consider this blog part brainsieve for myself, part news feed on sustainability issues. Sometimes I will add a comment about a shared piece, but many times I will not, assuming that the quote speaks for itself.

By sharing things I have not written or created myself, I do not want to take any credit for the work of others. Rather, it is my hope that posting links to this blog will help drive traffic to the original pieces and connect its creators to new audiences. I will not publish posts in their entirety and will always attempt to connect any discussion that should occur on this blog with the discussion at the original site.

Finally, if someone knows how to post individual items directly from Google Reader (especially with notes), Delicious or Twine, please let me know. That would make this sharing business so much easier!


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