Enterprise of the future embraces change. Are we?

Holger Nauheimer is asking a set of interesting questions about the shifting requirements for change facilitators in view of a new IBM report about the enterprise of the future. The characteristics of the future enterprise are, in my mind, very encouraging and can be summarized as embracing complexity and change and seeing opportunity instead of impossible challenge. One of these characteristics I find particularly interesting:

Genuine not Generous: The Enterprise of the Future goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and reflects genuine concern for society in all actions and decisions.

Holger’s questions are:

Are we ready to guide our clients into that future? Do we have the skills, attitudes, knowledge, tools? Do our consulting organizations work along these principles? Or are we repeating old patterns? Are we ready?

Not only change facilitators, but any professional advising organizations on their strategic direction has to ask herself if we are changing with our clients.

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