When will we, finally, see investment in alternatives to flying?

After a couple of weeks break from blogging and work, I am back in my “office” catching up on messages, chats and emails. I am sitting on a hotel balcony with an amazing view:

Praia em Barra

It is great to be here, but getting here was a torture. Flying has become a real drag. I was used to unfriendly ground staff, chaotic airports, overly long security lines, vendors ripping you off etc. but must have blocked it out as I was really surprised about how bad one can treat their customers, yet expecting them to return. I was also reminded that I have to try out other ways of getting around: a 6 hour bus ride might actually be better and more comfortable than an hour flight! It certainly is better for nature!

The worst part is that as a customer depending on flying (long distances) you do not have a choice but to return. Why does nobody fill this customer service void? Why is there not more investment in alternative modes of transport such as fast trains that are less problematic for the environment?

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