Sign the Charter for Compassion

Great initiative to combat violence in whatever form (verbal, physical, emotional) it may appear, and a reminder that change starts with ourselves:

The principle of compassion lies at the heart of all religious, ethical and spiritual traditions, calling us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.

via Charter for Compassion.

Here is the whole charter as a video:

And a link to the speech, in which Karen Armstrong explains the idea for this charter.

Music gets people aligned to form community

Very interesting panel on Music and brain activity from the World Science Festival with Bobby McFerrin:

I have a feeling that most everyone here at some place inside, they have sincere desire to participate, to become part of something, which is a very strong need in all of us, I think, to be part of some kind of a community and have some kind of a relationship whether it is with another person or music. So, I find very very easily, regardless of what country or culture that I am in, to give an invitation for people to sing and they readily jump on it.

See him in action:

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Principles of a Sustainable Business

How to be a Truly Sustainable Business : Ecopreneurist.

The principles for a sustainable business I get from this post are: (1) use the resources you have efficiently and do not overuse them (time, money, natural resources, employees); (2) diversify economic activities (core biz and related) to be less dependent on one activity or market; and (3) share business with others that are working in the same niche to build up a network you can fall back on in times of crises and to not overuse your resources.