Me, in a few words

MeMy particular interest is to explore the role online communication and collaboration can play in initiating and sustaining collective action to foster social change and overcome problems such as climate change and poverty.

On SustainableTeams, I collect content about social and environmental change, lifestyle choices, impact of organizations and networks, and social technology dedicated to sustainable change.

With 4 colleagues from Germany, Finland, Belgium and the US, I co-founded Radical Inclusion in 2009. Specializing in virtual collaboration, we blend face-to-face tools and processes to support remote teams to improve teamwork and collaboration.

I also work as facilitator and consultant mainly with international non-profits. Besides workshop facilitation, I can be of help through my expertise in knowledge and information management,  and network strategy and governance. Get in touch if you want me to help.

Before Radical Inclusion and Sustainable Teams, I coordinated and helped shape several organizational networks and communities of practice, including the CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights, the Livelihood Support Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization, the International Land Coalition, and the International Association for the Study of the Commons.

2010 was the beginning of a new more personal journey: Suficiente – enough in English – is the search for a new way of living in tune with nature and other people instead of extracting value for us only. As a first step my wife and I traveled through the Brazilian Northeast and documented the trip and all we learned at Questions, comments, suggestions? Send me an email or a direct message via twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Me, in a few words

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